ArcoLuna offer to its guests a wide variety of menues, depending on the seasonal avalaibility of fresh and genuine products.

All the dishes are inspired to the Italian gastronomic tradition, but are creatively revised by our chef in order to exalt delicious tastes.

Only by reservation

●Fowl meats (deer, roe, pheasant, wild boar...)
●Rare foreign meats (bison, buffalo, Argentina Angus...)
●Lake fish and sea fish.
●Selected products (cheeses, charcuterie...) from the best farms in Central Italy.


Gran Tour Gatronomico


In Italy the pleasure of healthy and genuine foods has been recently rediscovered. In such context, the regional cuisine has been playing a protagonist role, again. More and more people desire to escape the industrial standardization of the past decades about food and wines, by exploring the extraordinary range of tastes and ingredients that had been traditionally proposed by the various regional gastronomic and oenological traditions. Therefore, a new kind of tourism has been developed: the oenological-gastronomic tourism.

Labro in past centuries was a fundamental trip for poets and artists in their Grand Tour d’Italie, the voyage toward the Classical culture…
Labro was the gateway between the poles of the St. Francis biography, Umbria (where he was born and where he started his spiritual experience) and the Rieti Valley (where he founded his ‘communities’)… And so, now, Labro is the gateway between the oenologic-gastronomic traditions of the Umbria and of the Rieti Holy Valley, a fundamental trip for the novel Grand Tour d’Italie toward genuine foods and genuine way of life.

And in Labro, the ArcoLuna Restaurant will be your most delicious discovery...