In the Heart of Italy, Labro is magnificent... at the top of a wooded hill, you can enjoy an extraordinary 360° panorama: at one side the wonderful view of the gulfs of the Piediluco Lake, the most beautiful lake in Central Italy; then, the superb sight of the Terminillo Mounts, the so-called Rome-Alps; all around the pleasant landscapes of the Rieti Holy Valley.

Those who love nature, tranquillity and the enjoyment of life, can only feel at home and love Labro, the most beautiful medieval town in Central Italy.

At the border between Umbria and Latium, only 100Km far from Rome, Labro and its surroundings offer an unique testimony of an untouched Italian countryside.
An ideal mix of nature, peace, genuine cooking, culture and antique traditions.

In spite our ancient touristic tradition (Piediluco Lake and the close Marmore falls were  famous wonders of the "Grand Tour"), Labro and its surroundings have been not at all contaminated by such kind of building speculation, that destroyed the integrity of so many beautiful holiday areas in Italy: therefore you can still nowadays enjoy a genuine combination of hystoric monuments and natural landscapes.

In the last decades of the XX Century the entire fortress-town of Labro had  complete restoration, so that nowadays you can enjoy the suggestive medieval atmosphere in all its integrity.